Video of latest guitar at GSI


Video of latest guitar at Siccas


Click here for 2016 guitar at GSI, played by Peter Fletcher


The main development I have made recently is move away from asymetic fan strutting, (see previous work) and back to my old, smaller plantilla. I use a 5 fan-strut layout, with two horizontal cut-off struts and a bridge strap.

My aim is to stick close to the Spanish/ Torres style of making as I prefer the sound of a lightly made guitar. I have tried to tweak things in order to make the response more accessible to the modern concert guitarist. The two horizontal struts shorten the length of the fan struts which stiffens the central area of the lower bout, giving the guitar a bit more focus and piano-like sound.

Every area of the guitars construction has been made lighter than in the past. It is also important to me to keep everything as simple as possible.






Here are some pics of my most recent guitars. I have enjoyed using light coloured wood for the back and sides. These above are made from maple and English cherry. The rosewoods are great and good for concert guitars, but I love the sound, look and feel of these other less popular woods. Ultimately, the aim is to make a good sounding easy guitar to play.










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