If you want to ask me more about my work or wish to order a guitar please feel free to contact me.

To email me please click here.jake.fuller@btinternet.com

One Response to “Contact”

  1. Nich Thomas said

    FYI I wanted to let you know about Purnell number 55, purchased in the summer of 2003 from Bristol. I tried all the guitars in the shop, but I kept on returning to the Purnell – there was just something about the sound that I found compelling. The fundamental clean and articulate characteristic has changed little over the years. This is in stark contrast to its predecessor, a loud, warm and muddy sounding cedar fronted spanish-made concert instrument. The articulate nature of the sound allows it to cut through other instruments without my having to thrash it. Over the years, the spruce has sweetened up and the sound has become more balanced; the upper positions in particular sound very similar to the classic Segovia recordings he made on his Hauser –

    So there you have it – another satisfied customer.

    Nich Thomas

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