January 11, 2010


Jake P Fuller

Classical Guitar Maker

I have been a classical guitar maker since leaving the London Guildhall University where I studied Musical Instrument Technology. During this time I have developed my own ideas and methods of the guitars design, my aim being to produce instruments with character and with all the aspects needed by the professional and amateur guitarist. On this site you can see my recent work and I will endeavour to describe my techniques and approach to classical guitar making.

2 Responses to “PURNELL GUITARS”

  1. john lee said

    Hi Jake. I was lucky enough to get one of your concert models, number 51, a few years back. It was in Brian keans shop in greenwich. It is full of surprises, I often use it as a Flamenco with composite strings. Brilliant projection, many people have tried to buy it from me after a recital, but thers no way I will part with it.
    Congratulations on being a brilliant luthier.
    When I raise enough dosh I want a cutaway Flamenco to my specification. We spoke about this a couple of years ago.

    Good luck and god bless.

  2. Richard Taylor said

    Good morning Jake,

    I have a friend with a Henry Watson acoustic guitar. It’s suffering from years of neglect and is coming apart here and there.

    Would you be willing to have a look at it with a view of making it playable again please?

    Thank you, Richard Taylor.

    P.S. I knew your dad quite well – when I taught D&T he thrilled the sixth formers with his work.

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